I cooked Thanksgiving dinner all by myself…and nailed it!

I’m 30, married and can handle myself in the kitchen, but up until this weekend, I had never cooked an entire Thanksgiving meal on my own. The hubs and I traveld up to Grand Marais on Friday afternoon to have Thanksgiving with my dad. I love Grand Marais and am always sad to leave it, but thankfully we’ll be back in 3 short weeks for Christmas!

Now, to give credit where credit is due, my dad and husband assisted me with minor things like peeling apples and potatoes, and pulling the turkey out of the oven for basting. But I was on my own in terms of setting the menu, prepping, and cooking.

My turkey brings all the boys to the yard....

Since this was my first attempt at roasting a turkey, I decided to give it my own personal touch (with inspiration from Pinterest, of course). I chopped up garlic, rosemary, tyme, and sage, mixed it in with more butter than I care to admit, added a dash of fresh ground black pepper and sea salt and then slathered it all over the turkey.

Butter makes everything better! image

I then made stuffing – from scratch! – cream cheese and chive mashed potatoes, roasted green beas, and dinner rolls.

Roasted green beans Now that's a beautiful sight!

Hungry yet?

To top of dinner I made apple pie. I was too exhasuted to tackle the crust so that was store baught but I did make the filling from scratch. It turned out great!

Homemade apple pie!

After dinner, dad was on dirty dishes duty so Dan and I went out for a post-meal walk. I was too tired to care about how I looked, plus it’s Grand Marais so who cares anyway… I sported this amazing look. Jealous?

I'm bringing the 80's back!

Overall I think my first Thanksgiving meal turned out great. I never was that into cooking but have found great joy in trying new recipes lately. Next up – Christmas dinner with ham, wild rice salad, and something really awesome for desert!


2 thoughts on “I cooked Thanksgiving dinner all by myself…and nailed it!

  1. I know exactly how you feel! I never liked cooking (but I love baking!) and never really got into cooking new recipes until very recently. My husband and I will be having Thanksgiving dinner on our own for the first time ever, and I’m kind of excited to cook whatever I want instead of relying on my mom or mother in law to cook for us! We are going to put the turkey in the crock pot – wish us luck! And congrats on your meal, it looked really yummy!

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