Princess Half Marathon Training Update

First off, let’s start by saying it’s LESS THAN ONE MONTH UNTIL THE PRINCESS HALF MARATHON!

One more month to go!

Now, that I have that out of my system…

Have you ever had one of those runs that made you think, “I’m back!”? Well, I had one of those runs on Sunday. I’ve been trying to gain back the cardio I lost during my month-long struggle with bronchitis, and it hasn’t been easy. I really felt it after those first few runs in January, but as of Sunday I can officially say that I know I can get through those 13.1 miles.

Beautiful 9 mile run.

I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say that I’m ready for the Princess Half Marathon, but I at least know that I’ll make it to the finish line, major disaster withstanding. That’s an amazing feeling – despite all the hurdles, all the aches and pains – I will make it to that finish line and get that beautiful medal.

GEtting excited for WDW in one month!

Our niece stayed over at our house this weekend and it was all about Disney movie marathon in preparation for our upcoming trip. She still can’t believe it’s really happening, which makes the excitement that much sweeter. Then on Saturday we received these in the mail…

Disney Magical Express swag!

Perfect timing! It’s starting to feel more real with each passing day. If you’re training for an upcoming race, I hope it’s going well!

This run taught me…

I’m ready for the Princess Half Marathon! Bring on the bling!

When do you know you’re ready for a big race?

This is the first time I’ve ever tuly felt ready for a big race. It’s a wonderful feeling! 🙂


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