Princess Half Marathon Training Update – 11 miles baby!

I feel like all I write these days are Princess Half Marathon training updated. I guess with less than 4 weeks to go until race day, that’s all I can think about! I promise content will diversify soon!

Last week was an OK week in terms of training. For starters I got to a yoga class AND did speed work – that’s an accomplish for me. Plus, I ran the furthest I’ve gone since knee surgery – 11 freaking miles!!! I’m not gonna lie, I teared up a bit as my Garmin read 11 miles.

11 miles baby!


I received my 2015 Runner’s World calendar and immediately flipped to February. There it is…my first half marathon!

I didn't even have to write it down on my calendar...there it is!

We had my husband’s company holiday party on Saturday night. Lots of fun with great food and a great bunch of peeps. Lots of fun, food, and drinks were had by all.

Unfortunately, I felt it the next day. Not hangover bad, just really tired from the weekend (and my 11 miler I suppose). I took a nap and did some work around the house. One thing I did not do was work on the paper I have due TOMORROW NIGHT. Procrastinating grad school student here!

To top off my weekend, PHM bib numbers are out! Based on last year’s corrals, I’m in J – a little further up than where I thought I would be. This gives me a good amount of cushion between my corral and those wonderful yet dreaded balloon ladies (and the sweeper bus).

After my run on Saturday morning my knee was really bothering me and hasn’t stopped since. I decided to take today off (or do some upper body strength training if I can get my paper done) and then scheduled a sports massage for early tomorrow morning. Hopefully this will loosen things up a bit so I can tackle my 7 miler this weekend. Then it’s one more long run (12 miles) before my two week taper.

I can’t believe it’s almost here!

This run taught me…

Don’t drink so much Gatorade while running. I think my stomach ache during my run was due to drinking too much Gatorade and not enough water. Noted.

Do you taper? If so, how long before a race do you start tapering?

4 thoughts on “Princess Half Marathon Training Update – 11 miles baby!

  1. So exciting! Your first half! I’d totally watch the gatorade. If you think you need it, maybe dilute it with water?


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