New Year

There is nothing more cathartic than starting a new year. The misfortunes of that past 12 months fade away and are replaced with hopes, goals, and resolutions for the best year yet!

My New Years was no different.

2015 was a difficult year in the Bush household – our apartment flooded in April, forcing us to move in with my in-laws for nearly 2 months. While we were living with the in-laws, their house was broken in to and our computer and professional photography gear was stolen. In May I suffered a miscarriage and then closed out the year with an ectopic pregnancy just three days before Christmas.

I don’t list these things as a way to show how difficult we have it, because we really don’t “have it bad”. Some really wonderful things happened in 2015 as well – through the mess, Dan and I grew much closer in our marriage. I ran my first half marathon in Walt Disney World, and we visited Las Vegas and Disneyland for our 4 year wedding anniversary! Pretty amazing.

Lately I feel myself turning a page, lifting the veil of fog that has made it’s home in my mind since last March, and looking at things a little differently. My goals for 2016 are aggressive, but not out of the realm of possibility.

First, I will be resuscitating The Forever Learner blog. I ignored it in 2015 but am now ready to jump back in and document my return to running, as well as a few other exciting things we have planned for the year. Speaking of, my second goal is to start running again. I’ve set my sights on the Get in Gear 10k in April – fitting, I think. Depending on how our journey to parenthood goes, I may expand that to include another RunDisney race…we’ll see what the new year brings.

I hope your year has started on a positive note and if it hasn’t, I hope that you can see through the fog to your goals, because they are mighty. Happy new year!

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